How much Should I pay for Basic Website ?

This is a very common question among the peoples that how much should i pay for basic website ?

As how much should i pay for Website designing in dubai ?The Website cost is totally depending upon your requirements But basically the normal business basic website cost will cost you around AED 500 to 2000 AED .Note its Depend upon your Requirements .

Website Designing Cost

How the Basic Website Cost Calculated in the following steps?

  1. Domain Registration which starts from AED 60 TO 170 It depend like which domain extension you are interested to book, for example if you are going with. com it will cost you only AED 50 to 60 AED,
  2. But if you are going with Etisalat Domain .ae it will cost you around AED 165 TO 170 per year. Note all the domain are booked for 1 year minimum.
  3. Website Hosting mostly, we ae using 2 types, Dedicated hosting or shared hosting if you are going with dedicated hosting its means that in this hosting only your Website Will run,
  4. But in shared hosting many other websites run. And the prices are also different according to the Web Hosting services provider some rates charts are below as well as comparison chart.
  5. Now the Website designing part comes where you can calculate the website pricing according to scope of your work. For Example, if you need a basic compatible professional Business Website for your company
  6. Then you need only home page, who we are, Services or Products with contact us details. Such type of website will cost you for the Designing part from AED 300 to 1000 and its totally depend upon the companies from where you want to developed. And if you want to
  7. Developed same basic Website with Full control of the Website means you need admin panel from where you can control all your pages then the cost will come around  AED 1000 to 2000


The basic Website cost will start from AED 500 to AED 2000 per Year . 

To start your basic Website first you have to book your domain ,means your Website name start with www. after that you have to take the website hosting which will be around  AED 15 TO 30 AED per month and last the Design template of your Website ,or you can give this job to website designing agency who can give you all in the package .

Domain Registration is Yearly charges but the Website hosting you can buy monthly basis ,but you have to renew every month small amount so the better way is to go for yearly basis.

How much should i pay for Basic Website ? The Website cost is monthly or yearly basis ,As we have to renew every year your Domain and hosting .

Yes we have to renew your Domain every year from domain service provider with your Website hosting .

The normal renewal charges are Domain Registration charges with website hosting which will be Around AED 250 TO 500 per year .

How much should i pay for cheap website

What is Cheap website means?

In general you can say  static Website ?  Pages which are coded in html like About Us Vision & Mission are called Static pages website .

In other simple words the pages where you don’t have control to change by yourself, if you know html coding then you can modify.

Price for the static page is AED 150 per static page in Dubai normally .

However if you are planning to make your basic static website with 4 to 5 pages then the price will come around AED 800 to 1000.


Usually the Basic Website price in Dubai will start from AED 500 onwards. Its Totally depend which company  you are approaching for the Website Designing.

In Dubai there are many website designing companies who are offering you lowest price. for more detail just click the below link for more information.

If you need any suggestion or query about Basic website price in Dubai ,feel free to contact us with our team they will guide you.

How much should I pay for Website Cost ?
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How much should I pay for Website Cost ?
This is the common question about the people who need Website for their Business, Website may be Basic or Advance ? Now in this topic you will get an idea how much should you pay for your Website .
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